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Fueling the Blaze of Creativity

Fueling the Blaze of Creativiity: A weekly digest of what gets designer Maya Ahluwalia’s juices flowing

The Oscars Edit

Maya Ahluwalia

Although it may not my favorite awards show of the year, that accolade goes to the Golden Globes, where the best of TV & movie stars combined with ever-flowing champagne creates a very fun evening, there is something special about the Oscars. Like your own industry’s various awards, the Oscars are an opportunity for old friends and colleagues to reunite, to preen and peacock, and to comment on how much you have changed since you have last seen each other. The difference between your industry award presentation and the Oscars is that millions of people are watching the Oscars, dissecting the winners and losers along with their outfit of choice. And despite the recent scrutiny for its racial imbalances, it is still a spectacle unlike any other. And I, like many others, cannot wait to watch this Sunday.

Occasionally, or rather frequently, those in Hollywood take themselves way too seriously. It is an affliction that is especially strong on the night of the Oscars. Thanks to The Independent, an “honest”, and amusing, review of this season’s cinematic contenders.

Hollywood and fashion are often paired as rapturous lovers, but no more so than on the red carpet on Oscar night. Designers and jewelers alike hang the perfect PR strategy based on the right celebrity partnership. What a star is wearing on the red carpet not only provides fodder at the water cooler the next day, but it can have a meteoric impact on a brand.

While many may have spent a moment or two in front of the mirror, practicing their acceptance speech, I am more often than not daydreaming about what I would wear to the Oscars. Evidently, I am not alone in this fantastical escape into glamour and sophistication.

And for a proper post-Oscars recap of the red carpet, I will look no further than friends in my head, Jessica and Heather. As I read each review, I will most likely say out loud, “that is exactly what I thought!”