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Fueling the Blaze of Creativity

Fueling the Blaze of Creativiity: A weekly digest of what gets designer Maya Ahluwalia’s juices flowing

The Life Hack Edit

Maya Ahluwalia

Life is hard. There is no pass Go and collect 200 dollars or free pass through the Gumpdrop Forest. Life is a never-ending navigation of highs and lows. And for some, those lows dive to unimaginable depths. And for the lucky few, a bad day is when your phone dies or you miss the train. When those minor calamities bum you out, the collective genius of the Internet has a few tips for you or at least can help you laugh about it.

Despite being the slightly overweight kid that couldn’t finish the mile in gym class, I have found salvation in running. Pounding the pavement in my neon New Balances works out all the kinks.  Running in New York, like much else in this city, is both a personal and communitive experience. And in New York, there are always ways to improve upon your experience.

When trying to snag that perfect shot for Instagram, the dreaded words Not Enough Storage dancing across the screen can be tormenting. Like in life, letting go is hard. When my Kindle has died and I’m tired of playing Tetris, scrolling through my photo album is a favorite source of subway platform entertainment. As a result, deleting images is not a viable option. So will try all of these tips, except the one, instead.

Should I send that follow-up email? Will a phone call or a text get me the quickest answer? With so many options for conversing available, it can add some extra unnecessary stress choosing the best one. So, thanks ManRepeller for simplifying the communication game for us all.

Well, I don’t have a twin. And I didn’t make millions before age 5.  But never stop working, yep, on it. So maybe there are a few things to learn from the Olsen Twins Secrets to Success.