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Fueling the Blaze of Creativity

Fueling the Blaze of Creativiity: A weekly digest of what gets designer Maya Ahluwalia’s juices flowing

The Weekly Edit

Maya Ahluwalia

Fashion is a funny, fickle business. One part artistry, one part creative expression, and much more part spin, part ego, and part narcissism. Despite its many flaws, I have loved fashion since I was very young, whether it was taking all of my grandmother’s shoes out of her closet to play shoe store or cleaning out my mom’s closet entirely of any possible vintage score. Sometimes its good to take a step back and rediscover the fun in fashion.

While the stalking celebrity fashion is one my favorite parts of award season, the shows themselves often provide entertaining enough filler between the daring and the disastrously. Between Amy Schumer thanking her make-up artist for a great smoky eye and Andy Samberg’s re-enactment of a “pivotal” moment on Girls, this year’s Emmy’s certainly had its fair share of charming, kooky moments that will be certainly added to next year’s list of weird Emmy moments in history.

Women dress for other women.  It is that simple. It is a concept personified by Man Repeller, the now global sartorial website, that started as a fashion blog by Leandra Medine that celebrated the highly coveted looks of the harem pant and the poncho that men absolutely abhorred. Leandra remains the quirky symbol of the whole appeal to Man Repeller, as evidenced by her free advice to randoms in Union Square.

Since its inception, the Pirelli calendar has been high on the glam factor and low on the clothing, a stereotypical celebration of the sexiness of high-profile women. This year’s round-up celebrates how sexy intelligence, humor, and talent can be. With personal favorites including Tavi Gevinson and Yoko Ono, this Pirelli calendar shot by Annie Leibowitz is one for the history books.

Last night I watched the Devil Wears Prada, Hollywood’s version of the cutthroat and cattiness of the fashion industry first introduced in Lauren Weisberger’s novel. Meryl Streep’s interpretation of “Runway”’s editrix feels like a deliberate step away from the iconic Anna Wintour that inspired the character.  Jacqueline Follet, as her rival at sister publication French Vogue, is a cheap attempt to capture the edgy, cool factor personified by Carine Roitfeld.  Of the two, Roitfeld is certainly the one that I have also wanted to hang out with more. It is a pleasure to see that Roitfeld continues to push boundaries in the world of fashion and publishing, all the while remaining the ultimate in cool with a hint of cheek.

The Kardashians have managed to infiltrate almost every aspect of our lives, even bringing the struggle of the transgender community to the national stage. The Kardashian brand extends to everything from apps to fragrance, but fashion is one of their most natural brand extensions. And with a growing next generation, a kids clothing line is a no brainer. But, like most things Kardashians, their “reality” is much different than “real-life”.