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Fueling the Blaze of Creativity

Fueling the Blaze of Creativiity: A weekly digest of what gets designer Maya Ahluwalia’s juices flowing

The Weekly Edit

Maya Ahluwalia

When identifying the elusive “it” factor that creates success, sometimes it comes down to just the right amount of a certain “cheese” factor. A dose of saccharine sweetness with a hint of irony is combined with pure, unabashed joy to create the perfect amount of addictive cheesiness.

The Home Shopping Network often conjures up images of housewives addled with insomnia obsessively buying up sparkly appliquéd sweaters and juicers that double as microwaves.  And while that may be partially true, as HSN has identified “midnight EST being peak viewing time”, HSN has found powerful success in not being ashamed with who they are to resonate directly with their customer.

Barbie is a standout fixture from my childhood, as she has been for many women, and some men, age 15 to 50. Playing with Barbies is where I first experimented with fashion, creating tube tops and skirts out of scraps of fabrics and thread found in my mom’s sewing basket. Through the cheeky, yet innovative, @BarbieStyle on Instagram, Barbie harnesses the power of the image-based social media platform to combine the Barbie of nostalgic past with an enviable fashionista of the future.

With the 25th anniversary of Beverly Hills, 90210 coinciding with the release of Lifetime’s Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story, the antics of spoiled teenagers in the country’s most famous zip code are again the topic of morning news discussion. With my affinity for re-watching some of my favorite shows again, I am beyond happy to report that 90210 can be experienced from the beginning courtesy of Hulu.

Despite annexing ourselves from Great Britain over two hundred years ago, Americans still maintain a certifiable fascination with the Royal Family. But like all our fixations with celebrities, our obsession can build to dizzying heights, creating an icon out of a very real human being. The Royal We, from the women behind Go Fug Yourself, brings a human and humble approach to a very fictionalized version of the Royal Family that is both fun and captivating.